Bluesky UV Gel Nail Polish 9 Item Ultimate Kit Including UV Lamp
ONLY: £ 69.99
Bluesky UV Gel 9 Item Starter Kit Including UV Lamp for curing, the ULTIMATE KIT. Bluesky combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. It is a true innovation in chip-free, extended wear nail colour. It goes on like polish and wears like gels. Bluesky is a resilient polish that remains flawless for 14-days and removes in 10 minutes. What you get: 1-10ml Top, 1-10ml Base Coat, 2 Bluesky colours of YOUR CHOICE, a Polish Remover, 200 Lint Free Wipes, a 100ml UV Liquid Remover ( both for removing the sticky residue ) and 10-CND Remover Wraps. Excellent value and all you need to get you on your way!
two colours of your choice from the list below.
Cream Puff: A lovely clean white for French manicures
Clear Pink: sheer pink colour for nude nails or french manicures 
Cappucino: sheen copper colour
Romantique: Pink shade
Tropix: lovely pinky red colour
Tutti Frutti: Hot Pink 
Hot Chillis: Pink
Wildfire: deep firey red
Red Baroness deep rich red 
Fedora deep rich black purple
Rose Bud: pink sheen
Strawberry: pink 
Beau: lovely sheer pink colour
Cocoa:Caramel Nude colour
Masquerade:Deep Lucious Red
Iced Coral:Sheeny Coral colour
Black Pool: Lovely deep Black Gothic Colour
Pop Pink: Lovely Bright Candy Pink
Mother of Pearl:Shimmery glitter type overlayer for layering on coloured shades
Hollywood: Lucious Merlot
Gotchya:Bright pink
Clear Pink: Sheer pink for Manicures
Royalty:Rock worthy deep purple
Decadant:Deep Red.

1) Prep nail lightly with file in direction of nail growth. Brush off dust.
2) Apply Clear Base (brush cuticle to free edge) & cure in UV Lamp for at least 3 minutes. 
3) Apply a thin layer of Coloured Gel Polish and cure as before; Repeat.
4) Apply a thin layer of Top Gloss and cure as before
5) Remove any tacky residue with at least 99% isopropyl alcohol for a durable, shiny finish.
Please note that each layer will leave a sticky residue use the Lint Free Wipes and the UV Liquid Wipe to remove this.
Lamp details:
  • The fast efficient way to give your nails a beautiful even cure!
  • Ideal for both professional and personal nail care uses
  • Special design for curing gel nail and topcoats
  • Can be used for setting nail polish
  • Cure both hands together
  • Small for storage and convenient to use
  • Silver base and side - reflector for all over nail curing
  • Using 4 x 9W UV bulbs ( included )
  • Delay time: 120s ( timer )
  • Voltage: 220v - 240v
  • Working temperature: -15°C - 50°C
  • Dimensions: 218 x 239 x 100mm