FLABeLOS Vibration Plate

PRICES: 10mins £2.00     20mins £3.50     30mins £5.50

10 Mins = 1 Hour Workout!   

The concept is based on Newton’s Law of gravitation. As the plates on the FLABeLOS move up and down at different speeds, your body naturally tries to stabilise. These changes in amplitude and speed increase the impact on the muscles and create more involuntary muscle contractions.Vibration training has been proven to improve the body and benefits weight loss.
The continuous alternating tilting movement results in muscle contractions and generates vibration impulses to your muscles. These impulses travel to the spinal cord along the nerves which control the muscles for balancing. The amount of head shake during exercise is minimised as most of the movement is absorbed in the pelvis.

If you combine the FLABeLOS Treatment after a session of our Ultrasonic Cavitation ( click here for more ) it will also help to disperse the fat that has been broken down again helping in weight loss and toning.

Product Details

More advantages: It burns fat, good for Anti-Ageing, loose weight, reduce Cellulite, builds Muscle Tone, promotes Circulation, increases Bone Density, improves Varicose Veins and minimises lower Back Pain.

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