Moroccanoil Light Treatment And FREE Body Oil 10th Anniversary Set
ONLY: £ 37.99
Set contains 100ml Light Treatment and Pump and 50ml Dry Body Oil
Moroccanoil Light Treatment 100ml and 50ml Dry Body Oil 10 years Special Edition.
Moroccanoil has developed a unique, ultralight and fat free Argan oil formula that increases the shine of the hair and for all types of hair silky smooth perfection. It strengthens the hair from the inside out and protects against UV rays and other loads. The oil is taken directly from the hair and gives an instant shine without leaving an oily film. Promotes regeneration and maintenance of by colouring and styling damaged hair. The hair is strengthened from the inside out to help out without weighing it down, even after the first application your hair looks healthier and more lustrious. 

- Excellent Grade lustre
- Soft
- Ultra light and fat-free
- From Inside Out To Help Strengthen
- Protected
- Regenerates and care
- No Fly Aways.
- Shortened styling time by 40%

Directions for use:
Add a small amount of Moroccanoil Argan Oil Treatment in your palm, after you have washed your hair as usual and use it in the even damp hair evenly using a comb from the hair from root to tip.

The body oil intensive moisture and soft, silky professional results. The body oil has the original Moroccanoil fragrance and is enriched with Antioxidantienreichen and nourishing Argan Oil. It is rich in essential fatty acids, as well as olive oil and Avocadoölen. This weightless formula absorbs quickly, to lock moisture, while you dry areas Soothes and improves the skin structure. Free from parabens.