The New Express Body Wrap from Universal Contours targets spacific areas to each persons needs in just 35 minutes!

Choose from:

  • The Thigh Blaster
  • Buttock Shaper
  • Back Tone And Bust Lifter
  • Upper Arm Toner
  • Tummy Reducer

The new Express Body Wrap also helps to reduce Cellulite, helps with Stretch Marks and removes Toxins. It can also help with Weight Loss.

The Express Body Wrap is a partial body treatment taking around 35 minutes. 

  1. The classic Clay solution is applied to your chosen body area.
  2. Bandages are then applied using specialist wrapping techinques.
  3. You then relax for 30 minutes while the treatment gets to work. You could use this time to indulge in an additional treatment like a File and Polish.
  4. After 30 minutes your Bandages are removed.

Treatment Costs £25 - £35 per area.

For more information and to book Tel - 0191 510 8020   email: