24k Gold Collagen Anti-Ageing Mask Treatment. Intensely rejuvenating and smoothing treatment. The unique atelocollagen form with the addition of hyaluronic acid combined with a natural rose oil, extracted from the golden root, and licorice. 

This treatment can be used as a full Face mask or can be used to target the Eye and Lip area.


Formula biocompatible with human tissue. Actively penetrates deep into the skin, immediately nourished and stimulated skin cells and accelerate its regeneration, smoothing out wrinkles and restoring a healthy appearance.


Suitable use for the following skin conditions: Dehydrated, dry, acne, irritated, early signs of ageing, with a well-established wrinkles, dull, gray, flabby, devoid of colour.



- Hydration

- Improved skin tone and colour,

- Smoothed out wrinkles, 

- Activation of dormant cells to intense self-renewal,

- Reduced visibility grid blood vessels and signs of scars, 

- Slows the aging process, 

- Reduces hyper pigmentation and illuminates.

Price: £25.00  Duration is 30 minutes.

 To book or for more info Tel: 0191 510 8020