The Carboxy Therapy Facial

Carboxy Therapy is a Treatment during which a Gas, Carbondioxide is infused into the skin to encourage an increase flow of Oxygen, Co2 is a naturally accuring Gas in the body and has such it cannot cause any allergic reaction or other unwanted reactions.

This minimally invasive Treatment can offer long lasting skin improvements such as Elastin Stimulation.

Tissue tightening and brightening 

Skin Regeneration

Reduction of gark under Eye circles.

Improvent in circulation.

Improvement of Lynphoid Drainage.

The Treatment.

Deep Cleanse
Concentrated Cleansing Foam.

Instant Painless Peel.

Carboxy Therapy
Apply Gel then Mask.

HYAL+ Skin Toner

Protect And Moisture
Lip And Eye Renewall.

Dermo Corrective Cream SPF50

Treatment done with Clinicare Skin care Products.

45 Minute Treatment.

1 Treatment £40
3 Treatments £90
6 Treatments £170

If having a course of Treatment, one per week is recomended.