Collatan Maxi Twist Sunbed
ONLY: £ 1.00
100% Tanning Sunbed with Collatan Twist Tubes.


The first Ten Block Bookings from 1st April will receive a FREE bottle of Tanning Cream worth £14.99 ( the Block Booking must be for 120 mins, £24.00 )

Do not miss out on this fab deal!

Collatan Maxi Twist Sunbed

100% Tanning Lamps for premium tanning results. Rejuvenates skin, Antiageing, Smoothes Wrinkles, produces Vitamin D, Blemish free and stimulates Collagen.

3 Minutes £1.00
6 Minutes £2.00
9 Minutes £3.00

120 Minutes £24.00

Purchase 3 Minutes at a time in advance here from our Web Store then call or email us with when you would like to come in for your session.

Our Sunbed has it's own cosy private room with Bluetooth speaker conectivity so you can relax and listen to your own music.

For more info: Tel: 0191 510 8020