GoldSin Skin Jewells Rose
ONLY: £ 19.99
24 Carat Gold On Your Skin

GoldSin 24 Carat Skin Jewells Flower. Feel your spirits soar after applying this blossoming skin jewel. The enchanting design will unite your elegance and grace, making you feel especially feminine. This charming piece is ideally worn on the wrists, hands, decolleté, ankles and/or back.

Looking fabulous has never been easier! GoldSin can be applied to your skin following just a few simple steps. Everyone can shine! GoldSin skin jewels can be applied in under a minute using only a little bit of water.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Decide on where you want your skin jewel to shine.
  2. Clean this area of the skin with a neutral soap. Make sure the skin is dry afterwards.
  3. Carefully take off the skin jewel from the transparent foil.
  4. Apply the skin jewel with the gold/silver side facing downwards.
  5. Press lightly on the paper of the skin jewel in order for it to stick on the skin.
  6. Moisten the paper with a damp cloth or a cotton disc and wait until the paper nearly slides away by itself. If this does not go easily you should moisten the paper again.
  7. Carefully take off the paper.
  8. Let your skin jewel dry.

You are now ready to sparkle. Enjoy the most luxurious jewel in the world, directly on your skin.