Kenfay Skincentive: a dream turned into luxury for the skin. After more than 10 years of extensive research and development, this revolutionary high-end cosmetics line is born. Welcome to the KENFAY PARIS universe, where the most advanced technologies, the most powerful ingredients and the most delicate textures make the skin reach its maximum beauty.

Kenfay Skincare
kenfay skincentive exfoliating facial gel 75ml
Kenfay Skincentive Exfoliating Facial Gel 75ml
Revitalizing Facial Exfoliant.
kenfay skincentive gentle toner 150ml
Kenfay Skincentive Gentle Toner 150ml
Gentle Toning Lotion.
kenfay skincentive moisturizing hand cream with shea butter 75ml
Kenfay Skincentive Moisturizing Hand Cream With Shea Butter 75ml
This hand treatment, enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil, provides intense and long-lasting hyd
kenfay skincentive anti-aging rich cream 50ml
Kenfay Skincentive Anti-Aging Rich Cream 50ml
This fabulous ultra moisturizing cream enriched with Chronoline brings a deep regeneration. Its rich
kenfay skincentive anti-wrinkle eye cream 15ml
Kenfay Skincentive Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream 15ml
This delicate anti-wrinkle eye contour cream enriched with Chronoline recovers a rejuvenated look an
kenfay skincentive revitalizing anti-aging serum 30ml
Kenfay Skincentive Revitalizing Anti-Aging Serum 30ml
This anti-aging serum with a high concentration in Chronoline revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin.
kenfay skincentive cleansing milk 150ml
Kenfay Skincentive Cleansing Milk 150ml
Soft Cleansing Milk for the Face And Eyes. This soft and creamy makeup remover milk eliminates impu
kenfay skincentive moisturizing fluid 50ml
Kenfay Skincentive Moisturizing Fluid 50ml
Intense Regenerating Hydrating Fluid. Fluid enriched with Chronoline with a light texture, fast abs