L.E.D Facial Mask Treatment

L.E.D Light Therapy Mask and neck piece is one of the latest and effective breakthroughs in Skin Care. It treats a wide variety of skin ailments and also helps with Anti-ageing. The L.E.D lights have severn different colours which treat different skin conditions including Acne and Pigmentation.

Red light 630nm :

  It will stimulate the growth of collagen. 

  Collagen is an essential protein that used to repair damaged tissues and to repair the old tissues. 

  It can remove fine line and shrink pores.

Blue light 470nm :

  Bacteria in acne contains Porphyrins; because of the high affinity with wave length,

  the blue light is able to kill Porphyrins. In addition, 

  the blue light has calm action which is very effective for hypersensitivity.

Green light 520nm:

   The green light can balance the color pigment, and reduce fine lines,

   improve ageing skin, speed up the healing process of the wound, lightening the skin.

Yellow light 590nm :

  It has special 590nm wavelength, so it can improve the exchange of oxygen in the cells, to the skin cells to replenish their energy, 

  decomposing pigment, promoting lymphatic drainage, improving the wrinkles, rough skin and etc.

Purple light :

  red+blue It combines red light and blue light, which has two phototherapy effective . 

  Particularly it has a good effect on repairing the acne.

Clear Blue :

  It can be enhance cell energy gradually,and has a good metabolism facilitating effect.

Laser :

  It can penetrate the skin deeply,so to accelerate the tissue metabolism,decomposition color spots,
  improve the appearance of fine lines and ageing skin.

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