Bio-Lifting And Sonic Peel Facial Treatment.

The ultimate Antiageing treatment. Our machine is combined with galvanics, ultrasonic and bio-lifting technology.

The only Machine of it's kind in the area! 

Regular skin cleansing is evidently an advantageous step in our daily skin care routine, but often times we still find ourselves plagued by dull and lusterless complexions in our skin. Skin renewal is the tried-and-tested subsequent step to your skin care process! No matter your skin type, skin renewal is bound to breathe new life into your lacklustre complexion. There are two methods in the skin renewal process – ex-foliating, a treatment you can do at home, and peeling that is done in Medical Spas by professional aestheticians.

Even though both procedures are capable of refining your skin’s appearances, ex-foliation can only remove superficial layers of the skin while the peeling process is able to remove deeper layers of the skin. The Day Spa's Skin Care’s offering of skin renewal facial treatments utilizes either an organic or a mechanical peeling process to expel dead skin cells.If you are looking for a non-abrasive way to take years off the appearance of your skin, then The Day Spa's Skin Care’s Sonic Peel may be right for you. The Sonic Peel is a mechanical peel that sends ultrasonic vibrations to shake unwanted layers of dead skin cells right off your face.

Below are some of the many reasons to incorporate the Sonic Peel facial treatmentin your periodical skin caring process.

Helps diminish Acne Breakouts

A great degree of dead skin cells build up on acne-prone skin more than any other skin types. They cling on stubbornly to the skin resulting in clogged pores and hair follicles. As this accumulates, the skin produces excess sebum giving rise to blackheads and blemishes. The Sonic Peel works like a trash-taker-outer, removing dead skin cells before they accumulate, hence lessening the development of acne and blemishes.

Refine Skin Texture
The Sonic Peel facial treatment helps in accelerating the skin renewal process, enabling new, healthy skin cells to replace sloughed off dead skin cells. Your dull and lackluster skin experiences total rejuvenation through skin renewal giving you a smoother, suppler, more vibrant complexion.

Minimize Enlarged Pores
The Sonic Peel facial treatment not only shakes off dead skin cells but the grime and dirt stuck in your pores as well. Clogged pores are often the reason for visible pores due the presence of dirt; therefore, ridding your face off unwanted debris helps in minimizing enlarged pores refining the overall appearance of your skin.

Reduce Pigmentation
Brown spots derived from aging, pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations and adverse environments grow darker as the skin ages. This is due to the layers of dead skin cells accrued throughout the years. Through the process of skin renewal facial treatments, pigmented cells are broken up consequently allowing them to fade away. A further skin-lightening agent such as ones found in Bella Skin Care’s whitening facial treatments would further reduce the visibility of pigmentations.

Enhance Absorptions of Nutrients
Without dead skin cell build up in the way, your skin is able to suck up nutrients from serums and moisturizers with ease. Skin renewals are also perfect as a pre-treatment for better utilizing other Bella Skin Care facial treatments. The same goes for make-up and sunscreen application as well. Make-up goes on smoother and more even while sunscreen is better absorbed to provide protection for your skin when your skin is periodically revitalized with the Sonic Peel facial treatment.

Treatment Duration: 30 Minutes 
Price: £45.00