The problem-solving hair care range, full of dream fulfilling heroes. Color Wow is always at the cutting edge of innovation – a compact range of ground-breaking formulas designed specifically to address the pain points associated with colour-treated hair. Featuring best-selling products such as their game-changing colour shampoo, root touch up and the innovative Dream Coat. Winners of over 70 major beauty awards and loved by top stylists and celebrities across the world.

Color Wow
color wow dream coat anti humidity sealant 200ml
Color Wow Dream Coat Anti Humidity Sealant 200ml
Supernatural Spray.
color wow dream coat for curly hair 200ml
Color Wow Dream Coat For Curly Hair 200ml
The “curl whisperer” delivers perfectly bundled, glossy, crunch-free curls…in just one step!
color wow dream filter 200ml
Color Wow Dream Filter 200ml
Picture perfect hair in just 1-3 minutes! Simply spray on, then rinse out to remove metals and miner
color wow color security shampoo 250ml
Color Wow Color Security Shampoo 250ml
The Ultimate Dream Clean for all hair types, ideally-suited for: Color-treated hair Thinning hai
color wow dream coat 50ml size
Color Wow Dream Coat 50ml Size
Supernatural Spray. The key to sleek, gleaming, humidity-resistant “glass hair”
color wow root cover up
Color Wow Root Cover Up Choose Your Shade
Available In 6 Shades. Lasts From Wash To Wash.
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