We offer a relaxing range of Massages from Aromatherapy that will lift you're spirits and calm your Soul to a little deeper and more intense Hot Stone Massage.
Back Neck and Shoulder 20Mins £24.00
Back Neck and Shoulder 30Mins £28.50
Back Neck and Shoulder With Aromatherapy Oils 30Mins £34.00
Full Body Massage 1Hr £42.00
Full Body Massage With Aromatherapy Oils 1Hr £46.00
Indian Head Massage 20Mins £26.50
Hot Stone Massage  
This is a style of massage in which the hot stones are used to massage the body. The stones are placed on specific areas to help relaxation.
The Hot Stone Massage works ten times deeper than a normal manual Massage and also helps to relieve stress and release toxins, it also aids in the relief of pain and helps improve circulation, it can also benefit people with Arthritis, MS and insomnia.
Back Neck & Shoulder - (30Mins) £32.00
Full Body (1hr 15mins) £52.00
Body Exfoliation With  
Moisturiser - (30mins) £26.50
With Full Body Massage - (1hr) 30Mins £50.00