Yodeyma Perfumes And Aftershaves. Available in Three sizes. FREE UK P&P
Yodeyma Perfumes And Aftershaves
yodeyma kids eau de toilette 15ml
Yodeyma Kids Eau De Toilette 15ml
This soft combination of floral and sweet notes conveys a special tenderness, its fresh but powdery
yodeyma sophisticate 15ml
Yodeyma Sophisticate 15ml
Its vibrant, luminous beginning links with the passionate blend of jasmine and vetiver, resulting in
yodeyma suerte 15ml
Yodeyma Suerte 15ml
The sensuality of the olfactive notes that compose this perfume make the woman who wears it irresist
yodeyma temis 15ml
Yodeyma Temis 15ml
The predominant vanilla note gives this fragrance an engaging charisma.
yodeyma tendenze 15ml
Yodeyma Tendenze 15ml
15ml Mini Size.
yodeyma timeless 15ml
Yodeyma Timeless 15ml
The spicy aroma of cumin, the voluptuous presence of iris and the strong aroma of cedar make this pe
yodeyma very special 15ml
Yodeyma Very Special 15ml
A powerful combination of white flowers and tonka bean, resulting in a bold and sophisticated perfum
yodeyma vivacity 15ml
Yodeyma Vivacity 15ml
The vibrant citric notes harmonically envelope the serenity of rose, making for a soft, cheerful per
yodeyma wow scent 15ml
Yodeyma Wow Scent 15ml
A scent full of aromatic notes which gives the man who wears it the image of undeniable magnetism an
yodeyma active man 100ml
Yodeyma Active Man 100ml
The elegant fruity and woody chords make this fragrance surprise and enamour in equal parts.
yodeyma kent 100ml
Yodeyma Kent 100ml
The vigorous heart notes combined with the charisma of cedar and lemon make a fragrance full of ener
yodeyma timeless 100ml
Yodeyma Timeless 100ml
The spicy aroma of cumin, the voluptuous presence of iris and the strong aroma of cedar make this pe
yodeyma peak 100ml
Yodeyma Peak 100ml
The intensity of bergamot, together with the natural ferocity of leather, and the intensity of cocoa
yodeyma adriana 50ml
Yodeyma Adriana 50ml
The charismatic sweet notes of black currant and the firm presence of vanilla make this perfume have
yodeyma adriana rose 50ml
Yodeyma Adriana Rose 50ml
The freshness of bergamot and the elegance of rose lend the vanilla notes of this perfume a modern a
yodeyma agua fresca 50ml
Yodeyma Agua Fresca 50ml
50ml Size.
yodeyma aroma 50ml
Yodeyma Aroma 50ml
50ml Size.
yodeyma seduccion 15ml
Yodeyma Seduccion 15ml
The harmonious blend of olfactory notes make this perfume evoking tenderness and softness. Its powde
yodeyma root 15ml
Yodeyma Root 15ml
The unforgettable fusion of the citrus notes of departure, combined with the cardamom and the amber,
yodeyma rinascere 15ml
Yodeyma Rinascere 15ml
The freshness of grapefruit combined with the delicacy of ylang-ylang and the intense of musk make t
yodeyma luxor 15ml
Yodeyma Luxor 15ml
For a brave woman with a strong character.
yodeyma l’eau berlue 15ml
Yodeyma L’eau Berlue 15ml
The soft citrus and floral notes that make up this perfume evoke a subtle feeling of tenderness and
yodeyma magnetisme 15ml
Yodeyma Magnetisme 15ml
The spicy top notes of ginger combined with the majestic notes of leather and wood form a charismati
yodeyma metal sport 15ml
Yodeyma Metal Sport 15ml
The novel combination of fresh and sparkling notes bring to this perfume sensuality and brightness.
yodeyma moment 15ml
Yodeyma Moment 15ml
The fruity out of this sensual perfume gives way to warm and woody notes, evoking a sophisticated an
yodeyma morfeo 15ml
Yodeyma Morfeo 15ml
15ml Mini Size.
yodeyma nicolas for her 15ml
Yodeyma Nicolas For Her 15ml
The white musk leads the essence of this perfume. The result of the combination with vetiver and ora
yodeyma peak 15ml
Yodeyma Peak 15ml
The intensity of bergamot, together with the natural ferocity of leather, and the intensity of cocoa
yodeyma platinum 15ml
Yodeyma Platinum 15ml
The energy and power of the spicy notes, with the sweetness of the jasmine, compose a refreshing and
yodeyma poetic 15ml
Yodeyma Poetic 15ml
The careful mix of soft, floral notes evoke an etherial and delicate world.
yodeyma power 15ml
Yodeyma Power 15ml
The citrus top notes, along with the cinnamon, bring a spicy freshness that is enhanced by the patch
yodeyma power woman 15ml
Yodeyma Power Woman 15ml
15ml Mini Size.
yodeyma prime 15ml
Yodeyma Prime 15ml
The prevalence of its heart of roses make this fragrance very feminine and fresh.
yodeyma prosa 15ml
Yodeyma Prosa 15ml
15ml Mini size.
yodeyma red 15ml
Yodeyma Red 15ml
The wild combination of jasmine, vanilla and white musk give this perfume a mysterious and modern bl
yodeyma resolu 15ml
Yodeyma Resolu 15ml
The soft aroma of orange blossom, and the aromatic balance of ginger and sage make a bold, seductive
yodeyma beach 50ml
Yodeyma Beach 50ml
50ml Size.
yodeyma capri 50ml
Yodeyma Capri 50ml For Men And Woman
The timeless mix of citric and aromatic notes make this classic an essential unisex fragrance.
yodeyma caribbean 50ml
Yodeyma Caribbean 50ml
50ml Size.
yodeyma power 50ml
Yodeyma Power 50ml
1 Million - Paco Rabanne. A powerful and stimulating Eau de Parfum for a seductive man.