Mens Grooming 3D Hair Loss Fibres for Thinning Hair Light Brown 10g £14.99
ONLY: £ 14.99
  • 3D Hair Light Brown 10g. Instantly eliminates bald spots and appearance of thinning hair.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Adds thickness and fullness ending scalp show through.
  • Once applied it looks totally natural.
  • Fibres are 100% colourfast and will not run or stain.
  • 3D Hair loss fibres is a professional grade product that is used in the film and TV industry. It is a natural fibre that once applied gives the appearance of fuller thicker hair. It only takes seconds to apply and instantly gives you back your confidence and self-esteem that having a full head of hair used to give you. 3D Hair fibres are only made of natural fibres and colours. It does not contain any animal ingredient or synthetic dyes. It is safe on even sensitive scalps. Due to its unique formula it bonds to you own hair better and looks more natural than any other brand.